[Reproducible-builds] Usefulness of periodic reproducible builds e-mails

Emmanuel Bourg ebourg at apache.org
Mon Oct 5 10:40:06 UTC 2015

Le 03/10/2015 02:56, Holger Levsen a écrit :

> I've limited notifications to unstable and experimental now, and also improved 
> the code a bit that only one mail per is sent per source package in all 
> suites, no matter how many status changes it had. But we should still improve 
> it to allow individual subscriptions, and probably this is best done via 
> tracker.d.o - does anybody know how to achieve that?

Hi Holger,

Thank you very much for the changes. Let's see how it goes, but I
suspect the volume of notifications will be much better and the need for
individual subscriptions less critical.

Is it possible to increase the threshold to 2 notifications per package
per day? Sometimes we fix build issues the same day they are reported,
and getting the fix notification would be useful.

Emmanuel Bourg

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