[Reproducible-builds] dropping texlive from our archive

Alexis Bienvenüe pado at passoire.fr
Wed Jun 1 08:16:40 UTC 2016


Le 31/05/2016 23:52, Mattia Rizzolo a écrit :
> The current status is: nearly everything was merged, but one patch.
> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/reproducible/texlive-bin.git/tree/debian/patches/source-date-epoch-tex-primitives-defaults-to-1?id=c6dede514f6c724228ad6bbaa90531b27e78f1eb
> That patch is basically what makes \today reproducible follow S_D_E
> always instead of when somebody enables it with Yet Another Env Var.

Note that when the TeX primitives do not honour S_D_E, xetex output is
not reproducible (even if \today is not used) because of the /Creator
string which includes a date that is build from these primitives :


So solution 3 should include a bugfix to make xetex's Creator string
either strip the build date either honour S_D_E.

Alexis Bienvenüe.

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