New "reproducible-bugs" mailing list

Chris Lamb lamby at
Wed Nov 16 16:32:53 UTC 2016

Dear all,

It was agreed at the IRC meeting last night that we create a separate
mailing list for bugs submitted "on behalf of" the Reproducible Builds

These bugs include patches submitted to other packages as well as QA and
FTBFS work; the intention is to prevent human-oriented discussions being

(Bugs regarding our own tools, such as disorderfs and diffoscope will
continue to be sent to the existing list.)

What you need to do

a) If you wish to receive these bugs, you will need to subscribe to the
   new list:

b) When filing bugs against other Debian packages, where you had been
   filing with an "X-Debbugs-CC" pseudo-header of reproducible-builds@,
   please replace that with:

       reproducible-bugs at

   (It is conceivable that for some important bugs it may make more sense
   to use the -builds address to ensure a wider audience. Feel free to do
   so in those circumstances.)


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby at /

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