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Thu Nov 17 04:10:00 UTC 2016

Johannes Schauer:
> Hi all,
> On Tue, 02 Aug 2016 22:49:00 +0200 Johannes Schauer <josch at> wrote:
>> I was thinking about this issue again and thought that instead of creating a
>> wrapper for sbuild which then uses a chroot-setup hook to install the
>> dependencies, what I should instead do is to let sbuild itself accept
>> .buildinfo files and then do the right thing like:
>>  - use snapshot.d.o to retrieve the right timestamps needed to gather all
>>    packages
>>  - mangle the build dependencies such that the source package now depends on
>>    the exact right package versions and let the resolver figure out the rest
>>    (thanks Benjamin for that idea)
>>  - check whether the generated binaries produce the same checksum as given in
>>    the supplied buildinfo file
>> But then on IRC, HW42 suggested to approach this problem differently. Instead
>> of integrating the functionality of figuring out the right repositories to
>> reproduce the contents of a buildinfo file into sbuild, write a tool that can
>> drive any package builder (like pbuilder).
>> I now wrote such a script.
> now that libdpkg-perl comes with support for .buildinfo files, I improved the
> script (new version attached) with the following changes:
>  - don't use DateTime::Format::Strptime but Time::Piece instead (which is a
>    perl core module)
>  - don't use CTRL_INDEX_SRC but CTRL_FILE_BUILDINFO now that dpkg supports
>    .buildinfo files
>  - Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle as it is not needed
>  - the .dsc file name is no longer part of the .buildinfo file, so assemble the
>    .dsc file name from the package name and version using Dpkg::Source::Package
>  - use the information from the Environment field
>  - instead of splitting Installed-Build-Depends manually, use
>    Dpkg::Deps::deps_parse
>  - instead of using [trusted=yes], retrieve the gpg key of the reproducible
>    builds repository and verify its fingerprint
>  - set Binary::apt-get::Acquire::AllowInsecureRepositories to false so that
>    apt-get fails to update repositories it cannot authenticate
>  - use Dpkg::Vendor to retrieve the keyring filenames
> Thanks to Guillem Jover for the code review!

After discussing this in the irc meeting yesterday I propose that:

 - we keep it as a separate tool.
 - put it in a git repo under
 - We have more than enough DDs who are willing to sponsor uploads, so
   having it in the Debian archive is no problem.
 - we mainly maintain this as a group. I will try to especially keep an
   eye on it.

Since you have done all the work so far the final decision is obviously
up to you.

If the above is fine with you I will prepare packaging it during the next
week (I also have a few improvements planed).

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