Help with cdebootstrap_0.7.7

jathan jathanblackred at
Thu Dec 21 15:34:20 UTC 2017

On 20/12/17 14:53, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi jathan,
>> An apology for my mistake. This is the correct newest one:
> […] 
>>  %:
>> -       override_dh_fixperms $@ --parallel --with autoreconf
>> +       dh $@ --parallel --with autoreconf
> Sorry but this cannot be the right diff as the original cdebootstrap
> debian/rules does not have override_dh_fixperms here. Perhaps you
> are starting at the wrong file.
> Regards,
Hello Lamby,

I have executed diff between the original cdebootstrap debian/rules file
and the one I have modified following your suggestion about diff -U and
adding now the override_dh_fixperms variable option (instead of
dh_fixperms). I have executed all the command in the next way:

diff --unified
Desktop/timestamps_in_tarball_2/cdebootstrap-0.7.7/debian/rules >

In which timestamps_in_tarball directory is the one modified by me in
the debian/rules file and the timestamps_in_tarball_2 just has the
original contents of cdebootstrap-0.7.7 Am I doing something wrong or
should I execute the diff command in another way please?

Best regards!

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