Help with cdebootstrap_0.7.7

Chris Lamb lamby at
Thu Dec 21 15:56:17 UTC 2017


> >> -       override_dh_fixperms $@ --parallel --with autoreconf
> >> +       dh $@ --parallel --with autoreconf

Ah, I think you have the diff the wrong way around; try re-ordering
the arguments to diff(1) — in unified diffs, a "-" means a line was
removed from the original whilst a "+" means a line was added.

.. but even when you do that, as I mentioned a few emails back,
debhelper, dh & "override_dh_fixperms" do not interract like this,
in a way that makes me think you are missing some fundamentals on
the difference between Make targets and commands, etc. etc. :)

Best wishes,

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     `. `'`      lamby at /

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