Bug#928921: reprotest: kernel too old SIGSEGV

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Wed Jun 5 19:26:49 BST 2019

control: retitle -1 reprotest: unable to chown

[2019-05-12 22:12] Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant at reproducible-builds.org>
> On 2019-05-13, Dmitry Bogatov wrote:
> > Hello. I am working on setting up CI for my packages, and one of them
> > fail "reprotest" phase with error: "FATAL: kernel too old"[1][2].
> This is probably due to the kernel variation using "setarch", which will
> cause uname to report a 2.6 kernel, which is too old for some things...
> You should be able to disable it with --variations=+all,-kernel

Thank you very much. It did solve the issue. But while setting up CI for
another package, I encountered another issue:

	install: fatal: unable to chown /tmp/reprotest.1SX4Bu/build-experiment-1/debian/qmail/var/lib/qmail: invalid argument

Package builds fine, both on CI and locally, and content

 [full log](https://salsa.debian.org/kaction/qmail/-/jobs/188411)

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