Bug#928921: reprotest: kernel too old SIGSEGV

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Sat Jun 8 22:17:24 BST 2019

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Dmitry Bogatov <KAction at debian.org> wrote:
> But while setting up CI for another package, I encountered another issue:
> 	install: fatal: unable to chown /tmp/reprotest.1SX4Bu/build-experiment-1/debian/qmail/var/lib/qmail: invalid argument
> Package builds fine, both on CI and locally, and content

I run into the exactly same issue (chown erroring iwth 'Invalid
argument') in the reprotest job of salsa-ci on my package mailman-suite:


chown: modification du propriƩtaire de
'debian/mailman3-web/var/lib/mailman3': Argument invalide

The package has 'chown list:list' for several files in debian/rules.

Trying to reproduce and debug it locally (with the help of IƱaki Malerba
and Agustin Henze - kudos to them), we found out that 'unshare -r' is
the problem here. Removing the '-r' argument to unshare makes the chown
work (and the package build) again.

I wonder whether it's a good idea to map the current user+group to root
in reprotest at all, as it definitely breaks chown at build time.

I'm looking forward to your (the maintainers') take on this ;)


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