Bug#925879: reprotest: flaky autopkgtest: Unknown encoding 'RK1048' at /usr/bin/help2man line 56.

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at reproducible-builds.org
Tue Oct 6 19:34:48 BST 2020

On 2019-03-27, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Since the introduction of 0.7.8 the autopkgtest of reprotest sometimes
> fails in unstable and testing, while a retry not much later succeeds.
> Because the unstable-to-testing migration software now blocks on
> regressions in testing, flaky tests, i.e. tests that flip between
> passing and failing without changes to the list of installed packages,
> are wasting peoples time. Please either fix the test to be more robust,
> or mark this particular test as "flaky".

In the short term, probably worth marking as flaky...

> I: pybuild base:217: python3.7 setup.py config
> I: pybuild base:217: /usr/bin/python3 setup.py build
> Unknown encoding 'RK1048' at /usr/bin/help2man line 56.
> I: pybuild base:217: /usr/bin/python3 setup.py install --root

This is probably triggered because reprotest randomly picks a locale to

        loc = random.choice(['fr_CH.UTF-8', 'es_ES', 'ru_RU.CP1251', 'kk_KZ.RK1048', 'zh_CN'])

It might be better to adjust the test to only test specific locales,
which may require adjusting the code a bit.

Testing locales entirely randomly also results in reprotest producing
inconsisent tests when using it... so it's not surprising that it's also
inconsistent in the autopkgtests.

live well,
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