need help making src:fuzzylite reproducible

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Wed Oct 28 15:46:11 GMT 2020

On 2020-10-28, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Quoting Johannes Schauer (2020-10-25 07:55:30)
>> Long story: My package src:fuzzylite used to FTBFS with
>> reproducible=+fixfilepath (see #972303). I fixed this by patching out the use
>> of __FILE__:
>> Now the package builds fine with reproducible=+fixfilepath as evident my my
>> following commit to debian/rules:


>> Unfortunately, the reprotest job of my salsa CI pipeline still fails:
>> I do not understand why. You can also use above link to download the artifacts
>> and investigate yourself. The html output of diffoscope is in the first link
>> above. The only odd thing that I can see is this extra string '\k#pk'. I do not
>> know where that comes from and why it's only part of one build and not the
>> other.
> I now uploaded the new Debian revision despite the unreproducibility problem
> above. The package has now been processed by
> Looking at the diff, I don't understand where the differences come from.
> Can anybody help?

A somewhat educated guess is it has successfully stripped out the build
path from some things, but because the length of the build path is
different between the two builds, the padded area where the build path
would have been stored is still longer. :/

Presuming that is the case, I'm not sure how hard it would be to propose
to fix that in GCC or clang to also sanitize this, but it might be worth
exploring for Reproducible Builds as a project...

  build path	/build/1st/$pkg-$ver (not varied for stretch/buster)
  /build/2/$pkg-$ver/2nd (not varied for stretch/buster)

We also do not vary for bullseye (updated in git).

live well,
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