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Maarten L. Hekkelman maarten at
Sat Sep 4 08:46:43 BST 2021

Perhaps this is a known issue, or perhaps it is not. I didn't manage to 
search the archives here, so forgive me if this is already discussed.

My problem is that I'm using quickbook from boost to generate 
documentation. This application quickbook inserts a last-revision field 
into a docbook.xsl file that is then processed by other tools. The date 
written is of course the date at which the tool is run (meaning ::time());

The patch for quickbook is very simple:

|diff tools/quickbook/src/quickbook.cpp 
tools/quickbook/src/quickbook-n.cpp 469c469,473 < time_t t = 
std::time(0); --- > time_t t; > if (getenv("SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH")) > t = 
strtol(getenv("SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH"), nullptr, 10); > else > t = 
std::time(0); I've already submitted an issue for boost quickbook at 
github ( Perhaps it is an 
idea to add this patch to the debian patches for libboost-tools-dev? 
regards, -maarten |

Maarten L. Hekkelman

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