[Rsbackup-maint] Bug#773181: Bug#773181: rsbackup: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8): /etc/rsbackup/local

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Tue Dec 16 23:12:56 UTC 2014

On 16/12/14 21:54, Andreas Beckmann wrote:

> Please consider switching to using dh/debhelper for the packaging - do
> not do this by hand. I won't mind reviewing it :-) But: do this only
> after jessie was released, now in deep freeze is not the right time for
> such invasive changes.

I'm at least vaguely planning to move to dh once jessie is out. But rjk 
has been producing .debs of rsbackup long before I put it into Debian, 
so a little cruft is to be expected :)



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