[sane-devel] saned to solve root issue ?

Jochen Eisinger jochen.eisinger@gmx.de
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 17:28:50 +0200 (CEST)

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> Well it's been a  while since i wrote and yet i havent had any
> success using xsane as non root.
> Im no programmer but i gave it a  good shot.
> It semed if i had understood well i had to set saned to run as root.
> but then  two things pop to mind
> 1 - Ok first is  easy  it's how to set  saned to run as root
>    ( im an incompetent  ..im  still trying to figure how to make saned
>      eun always as root )
that's the solution. replace saned.saned in /etc/inetd.conf by root.root

> 2 - Second once it's set how do i use the saned daemon ,how do i call it ?
see the man page saned and sane-net for a detailed description

> Keep in mind im no programmer but a simple folk trying to have his
> scanner work so i can scan the wife's family photos to put into her
> family tree..
> PS as ROOT user  i used GIMP and  bingo ..it  works  beautifully
> but like Griz mentioned it would be way better  to use both as non root.
> And Griz  dont  despair ..there is no actual device .it's a  " virtual device "
> if i understood correctly , so we  did not find  any  devices to chmod ,
> there aint one..
>  :  )
> So if anyone can help clarify this both of us would greatly appreciate
> Thank you for your patience.
> Merry Christmas
> Richard
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