[sane-devel] saned to solve root issue ?

Richard hebertrich@yahoo.com
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 21:01:28 -0400

Well it's been a  while since i wrote and yet i havent had any
success using xsane as non root.

Im no programmer but i gave it a  good shot.

It semed if i had understood well i had to set saned to run as root.
but then  two things pop to mind 

1 - Ok first is  easy  it's how to set  saned to run as root 
   ( im an incompetent  ..im  still trying to figure how to make saned
     eun always as root ) 

2 - Second once it's set how do i use the saned daemon ,how do i call it ? 

Keep in mind im no programmer but a simple folk trying to have his
scanner work so i can scan the wife's family photos to put into her 
family tree.. 

PS as ROOT user  i used GIMP and  bingo ..it  works  beautifully
but like Griz mentioned it would be way better  to use both as non root.

And Griz  dont  despair ..there is no actual device .it's a  " virtual device "
if i understood correctly , so we  did not find  any  devices to chmod ,
there aint one..   
 :  )

So if anyone can help clarify this both of us would greatly appreciate

Thank you for your patience.
Merry Christmas 


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