[sane-devel] saned

Jochen Eisinger Jochen.Eisinger@gmx.de
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 16:32:19 +0200 (MEST)


>  service sane
>  {
>          port                    = 6566
>          socket_type             = stream
>          wait                    = no
>          user                    = saned
>          group                   = saned
>          server                  = /usr/sbin/saned
>  }

If you want to access pp scanners using saned, saned should run as user
root. If not, make sure, user/group saned exists.
> ouf ! : ) now  GIMP  still cant use the scanner.
> Where have i gone  wrong ? 
Maybe saned isn't started, you can test this by telneting the saned port:

# telnet localhost 6566

If the connection is refused, the xinetd config is wrong. If you can
connect, you can continue:

stop xinetd and start saned from the commandline:

# /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd stop (or something like that...)
# saned -d128

now you should get some debug output from saned (in your syslog there should
also be some interesting stuff)

Logged in as an user try this: (assuming you use bash)

$ SANE_DEBUG_NET=128 scanimage -L

Either this or the saned should now give you some further hints, where to
search for possible errors.

> I  agree with the previous post  there is a need for a  simple 1,2,3 type
> step by step instruction for these scanners.
> I use mine in root mode for now cause i need to do this.
> An easy way to do this ( that dosent need the user be a programmer ) 
> is really needed.As Linux makes it's way in more and more desktops and 
> " normal " users are getting Linux on their systems,i am under the
> impression
> that scanner documentation and  software really needs be simplified to
> allow
> normal (read non programmers) users to successfully use their equipment.

Hu... I know. I'm working on it.... 

-- jochen

> Best regards 
> Richard Hebert
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