[sane-devel] Memorex Maxx 6142U Help

Albert, Patti & Zachary Carter peptiger@pop.net
Wed, 05 Dec 2001 22:26:35 -0500


   Here is a copy of a message that I sent previously and now I have some 
more information.  I recently talked to Memorex corporate offices and they 
informed me of a National Sales Manager at Visioneer to contact to get more 
information.  He in turn informed me that the Memorex Maxx 6142U is in fact 
the same scanner (with a different name) the same as the Visioneer 
4400USB.  They both were manufactured by Primax Electronics.  So I have 
sent an email to Primax requesting some information.  I thought I would 
once again ask for some help to see if anyone has been working on a driver 
(or if one might exist already) for the Primax G6 (USB) Scanner(2400U), 
which I believe is the same scanner as both the Memorex Maxx 6142U and the 
Visioneer 4400USB.  Unfortunately I haven't gotten any specs on this 
printer except the same generic ones that I have on the other two from 
Primax yet so I cannot say that they are the same or start working on any 
drivers yet.

   On another note thank you very much for the information that has been 
provided for me.  Also someone stated they believe it is a software only 
scanner.  From talking to other people that have this scanner running under 
Windows I cannot believe it is because they inform me that it is an 
extremely fast scanner.  There has to be some sort of hardware driving it, 
because software scanner would only hog more processor and resources to be 
as fast as stated.

   Once again any possible help and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,
Albert Carter

>Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:11:41 -0500
>To: sane-devel@mostang.com
>From: "Albert, Patti & Zachary Carter" <peptiger@pop.net>
>Subject: Memorex Maxx 6142U Help
>   I have been trying to find out information about this scanner to try 
> and start working a back-end for it.  However Memorex is impossible to 
> deal with they refuse to give me any specs or information on the 
> scanner.  I have however found out that Memorex isn't really the 
> manufacturer they inform me that Staples and Visioneer licensed their 
> name to get this scanner out.  Now I have compared notes on Visioneer's 
> web site and discovered that they have a Visioneer 4400USB that has the 
> same information in it (practically word for word) as the Memorex Maxx 
> 6142U.  However Visioneer refuses to help out as well.  I talked to 
> someone who's trying to work on getting the USB Driver working on this 
> scanner found information on http://www.linux-usb.org and asked him what 
> he had found out.  He informs me the same, he had taken the scanner apart 
> and saw the following.   If anyone has any idea how I can work better on 
> this without having to deal with Memorex or Visioneer would be great.
>   Here's what is inside this scanner:
>"I took the thing apart and had a look at the chips inside.  One labeled as
>"Elite MT 72MHz", possibly some sort of microprocessor; an M11B416256A-35J
>(probably RAM), and some small thing saying "UTC OEOH  ULN2003."  Don't seem
>to be the same as the chipsets in the other scanners for which Linux drivers
>have been written, but I don't really know.  It might emulate something else;
>I just haven't had time to try them all."
>Thanks in Advance,