[sane-devel] Re: can't get scanner working[SOLVED]

David McGlone dmcglone@ameritech.net
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 10:55:20 -0500

Hi everyone, Im a very happy person now!

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions, I have now got sane working on my 

after a week and a half I finally got it working, now I want to make a some 
documentation for anyone else using the plustek 9636P parallel scanner.

I would hate to see anyone else go through what I have went thru in the past 

can anyone tell me what, how, when, where, whoever to contact, to make a 
plustek 9636P HOWTO, manpage, or whatever else I can do to get some "EXACT" 
documentation out there?

David M.
AIM: dmcglone27

On Sunday 23 December 2001 10:55 pm, you wrote:
> On Sunday 23 December 2001 08:54 pm, David McGlone wrote:
> >Hello everyone,
> >
> >I have a plustek 9636P parallel scanner, and running RH 7.2. I
> > have removed all sane from my system and downloaded the
> > sane-backends 1.0.6, sane frontends 1.0.6 and the newest xsane.
> > I have also downloaded the plustek-module.
> >
> >I have installed sane over a darn million times and I can't seem
> > to get my scanner working.
> >
> >here's what I did as per the instructions.
> >I installed sane-backends 1.0.6 then I moved the plustek-module
> > to the backend/plustek_driver and unpackaged it and did "make
> > all" then as root "make install"
> You haven't specified what version of the plustek package.
> I assume you have the *_13 package, in which case theres a fairly
> extensive amount of help in the plustek_drivers/FAQ.  Failing
> that, I'd assume its time to turn up the debugging and see where
> its dying.  And then polish up your C skills and fix it,
> reposting the fixes someplace.
> I don't have the particular one, I'm working at a snails pace on
> the epson 1250u myself, but ATM I'm getting the dreaded -1 error
> out of a read operation about 3 megs into a scan that otherwise
> looks like it would adjust to something usable.
> >ok at this point everything should be set to go, the
> > instructions say to "make load",  and  the light comes on.
> Is it supposed to at that point?  All you did was load the
> driver.  IMO it should not turn on the light until sane tells it
> to.  But then I'm just a big dummy at coding in my later years.
> >now I install the sane-frontends 1.0.6 and the latest xsane.
> >
> >now scanner seems to be working, except xsane does not find it!
> >so I resort to "sane-find-scanner" and still nothing. so I try
> > scanimage -L and still nothing.
> Did you set the correct device in plustek.desc?
> >can I please get some help here, I have installed and
> > uninstalled and manually removed sane from all dirrectories and
> > installed even more on both SuSE 7.1 and RH 7.2 with SuSE
> > running the newest 2.4.16 kernel and RH running the 2.4.7-10
> > kernel.
> >
> >overall problem, I can get the scanner light on, but nothing
> > else.
> >
> >Note: If problem is distro specific, I prefer suggestions for
> > the RH machine.
> >
> >I have remove all sane from my system again and will install it
> > again if I can get some help.
> >
> >if anyone would like to contact me thru aim my screen name is
> > below
> >
> >Thanks
> >David M.
> >AIM: dmcglone27
> >
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