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	I have been experiencing similar problems with my mustek 1200cp.

	The only way I can get it to return to home is run scanimage --test,
this always works.

	BTW Mine seems to work best with Xsane as opposed to scanimage, for
some reason scanimage causes it to crash/hang or do other weird things but I
never get problems with xsane for Linux or windows.


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Subject: small problem
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 11:16:35 -0500
From: David McGlone <dmcglone@ameritech.net>
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Ok, scanner is working great, only a very small problem persist and I think
it is minor.

Only problem I am having now is Xsane scans and seems to be working good,
it only scans about 1/2 of an 8x11 then returns and I get an error:

Error during read:
Error durring device I/0

any suggestions?

here is a copy of my /etc/modules.conf

alias char-major-40 pt_drv
pre-install pt_drv modprobe -k parport
options pt_drv lampoff=180 warmup=15 port=0x378 lOffonEnd=1 mov=4 slowIO=0

also, the scanner gets stuck when trying to return to home and make an
noise, yes, I unpluged it, but how do I get it to return back to the home 
position without having to boot into windows and using my scanner software
scan a page?

David M.
AIM: dmcglone27

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