[sane-devel] HP IICX not found on 2.4.x with BT controller

Ray Curtis Ray Curtis <ray@ccux.com>
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 17:41:45 -0500

>>>>> "tmc" == Troy M Campbell <troymc@usadmn.com> writes:

    tmc> Booting a 2.2.19 kernel results in everthing working fine.

    tmc> I've read several indentical problems in the mailing list and wondered if
    tmc> anyone has any possible workarounds?  It appears to be a scsi driver problem
    tmc> rather than hardware or SANE configuration issues.   As a note, I compiled
    tmc> the package under 2.4.17 and it works fine on 2.2.19.  That sort of leads
    tmc> me to believe it is a kernel driver issue.

Yes, exactly, however until the driver is patched the problem exists.

The developer Leonard N. Zubkoff <lnz@dandelion.com> is aware of the 
problem but is out of town until the first of the year when he plans
to look into the problem.

At this time your only option is to try a different scsi board, I had
to switch to an adaptec, even though I prefer the buslogic board.

Good luck,

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