[sane-devel] HP scanner problems

DStevenson tech@dgssoftware.co.uk
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:41:39 -0400

On Thursday 26 July 2001 07:55, tmarshall04 wrote:
> i'm trying to use a ScanJet 3C but when i run scanimge -L...it doesn't
> list it as an hp scanner . all i get is
> generic device found on sga
> and ./scanimage -d hp:/dev/sga produces a SCSI timeout after a few
> minutes. i can run "find-scanner" and it give me the correct output (HP
> c2520a on sga) i know it's something that i'm overlooking but for the
> life of me, i can't find it...thanks
> Mike Marshall
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What scsi card are you using?

What module are you running for the kernel driver?