[sane-devel] Announcement: UMAX Astra 1220U (USB) Driver

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot@holly.colostate.edu
Sat, 28 Jul 2001 14:35:42 -0600


About a month ago I indicated that I had begun work on an UMAX
Astra 1220U driver for SANE, based on the original command line
tool by Paul Mackerras.

Today I completed my first successful scan with that driver and am
happy to report that it works great. The driver is not currently
available for download, but I have initiated the process of acquiring
a SourceForge page for it.

If you have this scanner (and in particular, if you have been using the
original command line tool), please let me know by private e-mail so
I can have an estimate of how much interest there is in this driver.

Also let me know if you are a programmer and would be interested in
helping out, especially if you know anything about how to program the
Linux USB interface. The current driver (as the original driver) requires
a special "ioctl" message to be added to "scanner.cpp" in the kernel. I
would love to remove this requirement, but I have no idea how to pull it
off. I imagine it would involve writing some USB interface code in the
backend to duplicate what "scanner.cpp" does, but that's way above my

Thank you,

Marcio Luis Teixeira