[sane-devel] USB HP scanner problems

Peter Kirchgessner peter@kirchgessner.net
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:29:36 +0200

Hi Bob,

my experience with a HP ScanJet 6350 is that it can not be used with
SCSI and USB at the same time. If the scanner finds a SCSI connection,
it is not available on the USB. Try to unconnect the scanner from SCSI
and try it with your USB box alone.


Bob Sully wrote:
> Hey again -
> So now I have two problems related to HP scanners.  One I've already
> mentioned (xsane 0.79 won't compile on one machine; that box has a 6300c
> in SCSI mode); see message from earlier today.
> The second involves getting HP scanners (6200 and 6300) to work under USB.
> The problem is that neither xscanimage nor xsane will find the device.  In
> one case, I believe that the scanner is actually not being recognized
> (can't find it with usbview, which sees the hub fine); the usb scanner
> module loads up OK.  This scanner is plugged into two machines, one SCSI
> (this is the one which won't compile xsane) and one USB.  The SCSI
> machine finds the scanner fine in both Linux and Windoze; it doesn't
> come up on the USB machine.
> In the other case (my work box), the scanner is seen by the usb hardware
> but it apparently won't initialize.  I get the "timeout" message
> repeatedly.  Windoze on this machine is also able to use the scanner
> without a problem.
> In either case, xscanimage and xsane report no devices found.  I realize
> that hardware debugging isn't the focus of this list, but this has me
> scratching my head.  All of the necessary files (/usr/local/etc/sane.d/hp.conf
> and dll.conf) are set up correctly on the USB-interface machines (as per
> the hp-sane.txt files and several mini-HOWTo's on the 'net).
> Anyone have any ideas?  I don't even mind a few flames as long as they
> contain useful information.  :-P
> TIA -- Bob
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