[sane-devel] scsi module

tmarshall04 tmarshall04@snet.net
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 07:16:58 -0400

hi Dave,

            ok here's what i have. last week you asked me which module my sane
program was trying to use. when i run lsmod i get NO scsi modules but i can
modprobe the sg.o module and the aic7xxx module also but when i run insmod for
the aic7xxx module..it tells me "couldn't find the kernel version the module was
compiled for"...this is strange because i haven't changed anything..it's a
straight load of 6.2 (2.2.14 kernel) i've found info on the net saying to
modify one of the .c files of the aic7xxx driver but when i do that and try a
recompile of the kernel, it fails. i don't mean to be a pain but i'd really like
to get this working ( i could use it on my wife's M$ box but i refuse to).