[sane-devel] wow..

redhat@emphanet.com redhat@emphanet.com
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 01:09:11 -800


I have a Umax Astra 610S.. Seems I've had all kinds of troubles.. but here's
what I just found.

In the Geometry window from Xsane, I can set the Y variation to anything and it
will scan at 300 dpi.. but as far as the X variation, it seems I can only go
2.80 units (according to the Xsane Geometry slider bars), otherwise it won't
finish the scan.

Note:  I think 2.8 units is 2.8 inches..  not sure..  but.. anything wider than
that will cause the scanner to get an EOF.

Any thoughts?  This is more and more sounding like a library.. but I could be
wrong.  I don't think this is a mechanical problem as I can scan on any part of
the page as long as it is 2.80 units wide or less (x)..  Any measurement is fine
with height (y).

This is a curve in my progress.  

Help!  *

Jordan Peterson