[sane-devel] Brand-Newbie question

Jim George jg014a8950@blueyonder.co.uk
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 16:41:21 +0000

On Sunday 14 Oct 2001 12:31 pm, Jochen Eisinger wrote:
> In the file mustek_pp.conf you've also specified the name for the
> scanner, which you want to use, for example "name SM-1200CP", then you
> have to use the device mustek_pp:SM-12000CP. Furthermore, you can only
> access the scanner as root. To allow users to scan, you have to setup
> the SANE Network Scanner daemon. Descriptions of how to do this can be
> found in the man-pages saned, sane-net & sane-mustek_pp or on the
> web-page http://home.nexgo.de/jochen.eisinger/saned/

	thanks for this but it still reports no devices available.

	the command I'm entering (as root) is xsane -d mustek:1200CP.

	Please can you advise on the following is my mustek_pp.conf from 

# For documentation see sane-mustek_pp(5)


# option io-mode [mode] must come before all port definitions, or it won't
# have the effect you'd expect

# enable this option, if you think your scanner supports the UNI protocol
# note however that this might disable the better EPP protocol
#option io-mode try_mode_uni

# choose between two different ways to lock to port
option io-mode alt_lock

# set the maximal height (in lines) of a strip scanned (default: no limit)
#option strip-height 0

# wait n msecs for bank to change (default: 700 msecs)
# if this value is to low, stripes my appear in the scanned image
#option wait-bank 700

# size (in bytes) of scan buffer (default: 1 megabyte)
#option buffer 1048576

# try to avoid to heavy load. Note that this reduces scan speed
option niceload

# Define the time the lamp has to be on before scan starts (default 5 secs)
#option wait-lamp 5


# specify the port your scanner is connected to. Possible are 0x378 (lp1)
# 0x278 (lp2) and 0x3bc (lp0)
port 0x3bc

 # the following options are local to this scanner


 # most scanners only need 200 - 250 msecs to change bank -> try it out

 # Mustek 1200CP (CIS Chipset)
name 1200CP
vendor Mustek
option cis1200

 # scan maximal 16 lines for one sane_read() call
 option strip-height 16

 # we just need 16 lines * 3 (rgb) colors * 300 dpi * 8.5 inch bytes
 option buffer 122400

 # Enable this option, if you want user authentification *and* if it's
 # enabled at compile time
 #option auth

 # use this option to define the maximal black value for lineart scans
 #option bw 127