[sane-devel] Feature freeze for SANE 1.0.6

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 22:59:34 +0200


Feature freeze for SANE 1.0.6 (backends and frontends) is effective
now. That means that it is not allowed to add new features to the CVS
of SANE. Bug fixes and documentation updates are allowed.

If everything works well, 29.th october is planned for code freeze
(documentation updates and  very important bugfixes are allowed). The
planned release date is 5.th november.
There is a SANE CVS snapshot at
http://sane.meier-geinitz.de/download/sane-cvs-2001-10-15.tar.gz .

Please test on every accessible platform. Please also check your
documentation for completeness. Especially new scanners are sometimes
not mentioned in the manual pages. Also check the version numbers in
your backends and the .desc files.

The current SANE backends page can be found at
http://sane.meier-geinitz.de/download/sane-backends.html . Please
check that you backend is mentioned correctly and all the supported
scanners are listed.

This is the current NEWS file. Additions/corrections are appreciated.

New with 1.0.6, released 2001-??-??:

* New backends: gphoto2 (backend for gphoto2 supported cameras), mustek_usb
  (for Mustek USB scanners 600CU, 1200CU(+), 1200UB).
* Updated backends: dc240 (v 0.0), hp (0.95), m3096g (v 1.11?),
  microtek2 (v 0.9-20010828), mustek (v1.0-113), net (v 1.0.5), pie (1.0-7),
  pnm (1.0-2), snapscan (v 1.2-20011012), umax (1.0-30), umax_pp (1).
* Added generic support for USB devices.
* Added USB support to sane-find-scanner.
* Code and documentation updates for HP UX compatibility.
* Documentation updates.
* Bugfixes.