[sane-devel] IEEE 1394 interface

Douglas Gilbert dgilbert@interlog.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 23:06:47 -0400

Major A wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any consensus among SANE developers as of the handling of
> IEEE 1394? I cannot see anything in sanei (like for SCSI and USB). Is
> there going to be anything standard in the future, or do I just have
> to write my own code? Also, are all IEEE 1394 scanners accessible
> through SBP, like mass storage devices (which, if you, would answer my
> previous questions).

"sbp2" is a recent SCSI standard for transporting the SCSI
command set over ieee 1394. The SCSI command set defines
a SCANNER device type (although HP use PROCESSOR device type)
which many SANE backends use.

The Linux ieee1394/sbp2 driver (introduced in lk 2.4.7) mentions
that it has been successfully tested on a "Epson IEEE-1394 scanner"
but doesn't mention the model number. To SANE backends, a 1394
scanner would just look like another SCSI device. In the best
case nothing may need to be done, more likely the INQUIRY data
will be a little different from the corresponding SCSI model
from the same manufacturer (if they still make one).

The SCSI parallel bus is becoming less important for scanners
but many PC parallel bus, USB and 1394 scanners use the SCSI
command set.

Doug Gilbert