[sane-devel] open a project for the epson 1250 on SF ?

Jaeger, Gerhard G. Jaeger" <gjaeger@sysgo.de
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 09:57:05 +0200

On Freitag, 26. Oktober 2001 09:33, Ludovic Drolez wrote:
> Jaeger, Gerhard wrote:
> > If the stuff works, we can discuss about a better place or even name.
> > ASAP I will make a tar-ball available, that will contain the code.
> > Please guys be patient, but I think we're on a good way ;-)
> Is there a CVS repository available ?

Currently not :-( 
I will put the results on the SANE Plustek-Driver page hopefully this weekend.
And I think as soon as only one of the devices will work, I put the stuff
to the SANE CVS....
The Plustek driver page is at:

> > If you already have a LM983x based device, you might can send me the
> > Vendor and Product ID the the scanner. AFAIR I've the configuration
> > stuff
> > for almost all Plustek and Genius devices.
> http://scanjet2200c.sourceforge.net/ has also nearly working code for
> a LM9832 based scanner. 

I've checked the stuff out, and will see what is useful for the Plustek 

> I'm currently trying to make my Epson Perf 1250,
> work with Stefan Nilsen's code.
> Once I find the right register values for my scanner, I'll mail them to
> you.

Hope that the stuff will work ASAP....