[sane-devel] access for non root users

seeker5528@netscape.net seeker5528@netscape.net
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 00:22:34 -0400

I found this on the website in sane-scsi.5

      " When  using a SCSI scanner, ensure that the access permis­
       sion for the generic SCSI device is set appropriately.  We
       recommend  to  add  a  group "scanner" to /etc/group which
       contains all users that should have access to the scanner.
       The  permission  of the device should then be set to allow
       group read and write access.  For example, if the  scanner
       is at generic SCSI device /dev/sge, then the following two
       commands would set the permission correctly:

              $ chgrp scanner /dev/sge
              $ chmod 660 /dev/sge"

  These are good instructions, but incomplete for users of the device filesystem.

  In my case the scanner is located on /dev/sg4 after a little poking around I found my way to to file /etc/devfs/perms which is used to set the device permission in the dev file system.

In this file I found this line:

REGISTER ^sg[^/]* PERMISSIONS root.root 0600

As the next line I inserted the following text:

REGISTER ^sg4 PERMISSIONS root.scanner 0660
I now have the use of my scanner in my user account. If the documentation could be updated with this iformation it could save some banging of heads on the keyboard.

Later, Seeker

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