[sane-devel] access for non root users

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Sat, 08 Sep 2001 12:18:24 +0200


Thanks.I added this information to sane-scsi.man in the CVS.


seeker5528@netscape.net wrote:
> I found this on the website in sane-scsi.5
>       " When  using a SCSI scanner, ensure that the access permis­
>        sion for the generic SCSI device is set appropriately.  We
>        recommend  to  add  a  group "scanner" to /etc/group which
>        contains all users that should have access to the scanner.
>        The  permission  of the device should then be set to allow
>        group read and write access.  For example, if the  scanner
>        is at generic SCSI device /dev/sge, then the following two
>        commands would set the permission correctly:
>               $ chgrp scanner /dev/sge
>               $ chmod 660 /dev/sge"
>   These are good instructions, but incomplete for users of the device filesystem.
>   In my case the scanner is located on /dev/sg4 after a little poking around I found my way to to file /etc/devfs/perms which is used to set the device permission in the dev file system.
> In this file I found this line:
> REGISTER ^sg[^/]* PERMISSIONS root.root 0600
> As the next line I inserted the following text:
> REGISTER ^sg4 PERMISSIONS root.scanner 0660
> I now have the use of my scanner in my user account. If the documentation could be updated with this iformation it could save some banging of heads on the keyboard.
> Later, Seeker
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