[sane-devel] HP 6200C not found

Matt Harrell matt@mattharrell.net
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 10:45:08 -0400

The scanner module is loaded.  I configured hp.conf as suggested below, 
but with no luck.  I'm not finding much in the way of documentation for 
using USB scanners in Linux.  The documentation with SANE doesn't 
mention much, there doesn't seem to be any scanner HOWTO included with 
Red Hat, and the SANE web page doesn't seem to have much.  I'll have to 
try doing an Internet search to see what else I can find.

Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

>On Sat, Sep 15, 2001 at 05:21:01PM -0400, Matt Harrell wrote:
>>I just got an HP 6200C scanner (SCSI and USB) from work for free.  I'm 
>>hoping to use it on my LInux box, and not have to resort to installing 
>>it on my Windows 98 PC.  I'm using the USB connection (I don't have a 
>>SCSI controller in either PC anymore).  I am running Red Hat 7.1 with 
>>the sane package that is distributed with it (1.0.3-10).  I don't plan 
>>on going to the trouble of compiling source code, etc.  If it comes to 
>>that, I'll use it via Windows.
>RedHat 7.1 is the current version and really comes with this ancient
>version of sane? When was it released? However, from the
>sane-backends.html of 1.0.3 it looks like you scanner is supported by
>this version of SANE. Peter Kirchgessner will probably correct me, if
>I'm wrong :-)
>>I'm not sure my problem is even with SANE, though.  My Linux box doesn't 
>>seem to be detecting it at all.  I expected that after I connected it 
>>and turned the system on, Linux would detect it at boot up using Kudzu, 
>>or the USB system (which is running--I see it, and it hesitates longer 
>>when it searched for USB devices than it used to).  When I try to get 
>>the device list using "scanimage", it returns nothing.  What's up?
>The interesting question is: is it detected? Look at /var/log/messages
>(or whatever name is used with RedHat) and do a "cat
>/proc/bus/usb/devices". Is the "scanner" module loaded (lsmod). If it
>isn't, do a "modprobe scanner". If it is loaded but doesn't detect
>your scanner it may be necessary to tell it the vendor and device ids
>of your scanner:
>rmmod scanner
>modprobe scanner vendor=0x03f0 product=0x0201
>Check the vendor and device ids, I don't have a HP scanner and only
>took them from kernel source.
>Concerning SANE, it might be necessary to setup hp.conf (probably in
>/usr/etc/sane.d/) with something like
>option connect-device
>Insert the scanner device your distribution uses instead of
>  Henning
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