[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 5300C

Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida moitinho@civil.ist.utl.pt
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:59:42 +0100

On Thursday 20 September 2001 04:59, you wrote:
> I have a FBSD 4.3 box with a HP 5300C USB scanner, I am using xsane .75
> with GIMP 1.2.1.  I was looking at the documentation and saw that the
> 5300C is supported and not supported.  When I look at dmesg it says that
> the scanner is found, but when I run xsane, it comes up with no device
> found.  What should I do.

There is a driver being developed for linux in the ac kernels -> hpusbscsi

a) It presents the usb scanner as a scsi device.

b) I have only tried it with another scanner and (at least for my scanner) it 
seems that it is not perfect yet.

c) When that driver is operational the (modified?) avision backend should be 
able to support the scanner.