[sane-devel] PLUGINRC madness

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 21:50:49 +0200

Johan Bengtsson wrote:
> Hi,
> We're running Gimp 1.0.4 & xsane 0.79 and we have two workstations with
> scanners, one with an Umax scanner and the other one with an Epson
> scanner. The problem is that if one first uses the Epson scanner, gimp
> will create a pluginrc file which points to the Epson driver and
> device. If one later wants to use the Umax scanner one will get an error
> message from xsane saying it can't find the Epson scanner....:-(
> I've fixed this with a wrapper script for the Gimp that edits the pluginrc
> file, but come on, this is stupid! Is it the same problem with newer
> versions of gimp?

I don`t think that this is changed in newer gimp versions.
The pluginrc is created when you touch a file in the plug-ins directory.

What you can do is e.g:

- touch .gimp/plug-ins/xsane  (or wherever you put the link)
- create the pluginrc with the umax scanner (start gimp with umax scanner available)
- copy the part with xsane umax scanner to another file
- touch .gimp/plug-ins/xsane  (or wherever you put the link)
- start gimp and exit it
- paste the xsane umax part into the plugins file

now you should have an epson and a umax entry

The only problem is that you have to repeat this each time
when you update xsane or any other gimp plugin.


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