[sane-devel] Primax USB Colorado 19200 Drivers

Frank Zago fzago@austin.rr.com
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 03:37:11 -0500

Jason Zaphyr wrote:
 > Can someone please help to get the Primax USB Colorado 19200 Scanner
 > driver into the sane project...
 > This is the only crutch keeping me from staying inside Mandrake Linux
 > all the time.  I hate running back to XP to scan something everytime.
 > Please someone help I'm begging I have been waiting a long time
 > patiently watching the beta drivers development page and it seems he has
 > all but stopped work..  And the patches will not work with my updated
 > kernel level... so I'm stuck..

Hi Jason,

Last time I read from Steven Ellis, the backend author, he was very busy with 
something else.
As for the backend, there is a several problems:
   1/ the scanner interface code is written in (some sort of) c++
   2/ the current patch is for SANE 1.0.5
   3/ the scanner interface code is not GPL

Case 1 can be solved, as well as case 2. I can do it if someone is willing to 
test the backend (you?).
However case 3/ unfortunatly prevents this backend to ever be integrated into 
SANE. Unless Primax put their code under a license compatible with GPL. I think 
that at least a couple people tried contacting them but got no answer.

What is the problem you have with your kernel? Which version?