[sane-devel] Primax USB Colorado 19200 Drivers

Bob Young polaris9@mochamail.com
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 15:25:53 -0400

On Mon, 05 Aug 2002 03:37:11 -0500
Frank Zago <fzago@austin.rr.com> wrote:

> Last time I read from Steven Ellis, the backend author, he was very busy
> with something else.
> As for the backend, there is a several problems:
>    1/ the scanner interface code is written in (some sort of) c++
>    2/ the current patch is for SANE 1.0.5
>    3/ the scanner interface code is not GPL
> Case 1 can be solved, as well as case 2. I can do it if someone is willing
> to test the backend (you?).
> However case 3/ unfortunatly prevents this backend to ever be integrated
> into SANE. Unless Primax put their code under a license compatible with GPL.
> I think that at least a couple people tried contacting them but got no
> answer.

I have a Visioneer OneTouch 6100, which is supposed to be supported by the
same backend.  I patched kernel 2.4.17 and sane 1.05 as instructed but was
never able to get it working.  I have received reports from 2 others who have
had the same problems with it.  Steven Ellis acknowledged by email that is was
broken, and that he had lost his backups of an earlier working version.  There
has been no further activity.  Visioneer is at least as unhelpful as Primax.
I would be very happy to test any new code you might develop for this backend
with my scanner.

Bob Young