[sane-devel] Re: Error conneting to saned via xinetd using SaneTwain

Herman Kuiper Herman Kuiper <herman@ozuzo.net>
Fri, 09 Aug 2002 00:01:15 +0200

> I can telnet to port 6566 from the windows machine.  SaneTwain appears
> to connect up, but gives "Error opening device, you may need to restart
> the device" or something similar.

Than the open() command failed. If you could end me more info, logs, etc 
(directly via mail is ok), I could have a look at it.

> I tried xsane for windows and I get a "xsane: No devices available" ..

Then the problem is almost certain Linux related. How does you xinetd entry 

> When I telnet from the windows box to 6566 of the unix box, it appears
> to connect, but I can't type anything.

That's normal behaviour. The sand is expecting specific commands.


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