[sane-devel] hp scanjet 7400c scsi-usb

raoul.megelas raoul.megelas@libertysurf.fr
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 15:46:37 +0200

	hi all,
	I have a hp scanjet 7400c scanner scsi-usb.
It does not appear in the list of supported scanners by sane-backends.
in usb mode the scanner is not detected even tiwh -d hp:/dev/ugen1 switch.
in scsi mode scanimage -L find it like avision scanner.
 The following command line:
  scanimage avision:/dev/pass1 gives:
  start i/o error, ane the scanner does not work.
	I tried to add the scanner in the hp-device.c .h and hp-scl.h files.
This compile quite well but with the same result.
(sane cvs version).
	Welcome to any suggestion to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.