[sane-devel] Re: SaneTwain and HP2200C

Herman Kuiper Herman Kuiper <herman@ozuzo.net>
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:02:02 +0200


>    a. (easy option) alter sanetwain to increase the timeout value

For the time being, it is already possible to alter the timeout value for 
SaneTwain in the .ini file. See the change log.

> Okay, so thats my 2p worth, lets hear what other people think - and yes,
> you can flame me for offering design criticisms without offering to do
> any coding, but my skills at the coding level lie within the confines of
> Pascal, and not within networking (although I am getting better at it, it
> still foxes me sometimes).

:-) My skills at the coding level also do not include networking. For 
SaneTwain I added my own comms layer, as I could nog get the one from 
WinSane to work at all. It is based on Borland wrappers around the Winsock 
layer. There is probably a lot wrong with it, but seems to work in most 

Just to make sure: you are running sane 1.08 (or 1.0.7)? There are known 
iming problems with older version of sane.


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SaneTwain - a TWAIN compliant interface to the SANE scanner backend