[sane-devel] SaneTwain and HP2200C

Jaeger, Gerhard gerhard@gjaeger.de
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:10:20 +0200

On Wednesday, 14. August 2002 11:29, Martyn Ranyard wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I have a scanner attached to a server (HP 2200C attached to a Linux Dell
> Server (Slackware 8.1), and the plustek backend seems to have some strange
> issues (especially with sanetwain).
>    1.  The Scanner takes approx 40s to warm up the lamp, before it does
> anything - e.g. hit the preview button, wiat 50 secs, start receiving data,
> draw your box, hit the scan button, wait 50 secs, start receiving data.  Is
> there really no way of receiving the temperature of the lamp, and not just
> switch it on and wait a pre-specified amount of time?

This warmup period can be set, even to 0s, see plustek.conf file for that
option. AFAIK there's no way to get the temperature or any other quality
information from the lamp.