[sane-devel] GT6801 CCD Scanner

Fan Dan dan_fancn@hotmail.com
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 08:59:34 +0800

Hai, everyone:
   I have a Mustek 2400 usb Scanner which VID/PID is 0x5d8 0x4002 . Just 
same as BearPaw 1200cu. But BearPaw 1200cu is CIS and 2400 USB is CCD. 
   I want SANE to support it. I reference GT68xx backend to develop 2400USB 
   The problem is when I start scanning , the motor move to start of scan, 
then just stand there and not scan. I don't know why ? I guess that maybe 
some parameters setting to scanner is error. Is that?



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