[sane-devel] Unable to access minor data

Alexis alexisc@tinyonline.co.uk
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 18:48:20 +0000

This follows on from my libdll.a question some time ago. (Steve, that's the 
"some debugging output" conversation)

I did a fresh install of Debian 3.0 (Woody) (gcc2.95.4) I applied patches to 
kernel and to sane from http://viceo.orcon.net.nz/ as recommended, have been 
trying to run sane-find-scanner and scanimage-L.

sane-find-scanner seems unable to find any usb scanner devices, while 
scanimage -L gets as far as
[viceo] attach: opening usb /dev/usb/scanner0 
[viceo] ----ScLoader----
and then gives the same message as sane-find-scanner, which is

scanner.c: open_scanner(0): Unable to access minor data

It looks as though sane can't connect to the scanner device.  I don't think 
it's a faulty connection as it is a new machine and I have tried both usb 
ports, and there are lots of scanner devices under /dev/usb.

I can't seem to capture any output to file at the moment, so debugging info 
is a bit thin on the ground, but I hope the above gives some insight into my 

Any suggestions, anybody?  Btw, the scanner is a Primax Colorado 19200 usb
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