[sane-devel] Relisys VM3582 parallel

Uwe Kuehn ewuk@lycos.de
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 20:04:00 +0100

Dear list,
In 1998 I bought a "mercury3600" parallel scanner (relisys type VM3582) from the 
biggest german Food discounter Aldi - it is still going strong, but it is the also only to still 
have win98 around - sofa I did not want to by a well supported USB scanner.

Is there a chance to get this dinosaur supported with sane?
Which driver should I test with it first?
I tried under Knoppix 3.1 to run wine for the mercury.exe - but it would not recognise the 
paralleport and the scanner connected to it.
I have a Suse7.3 and a Peanut linux 9.2 (actually my favourite distro) around to test.

Thanks for any hint to start with.