[sane-devel] scanport 3000 scanner

Ira Childress ichildress@mn.rr.com
12 Dec 2002 16:55:59 -0600

Please bear with me while I try to get this scanner to work. It's a
Scanport 3000 from Microtek, but shows up as a Visioneer with the
usbview program.

The results of usbview:

        USB Scanner
        Manufacturer: Visioneer
        Serial Number: RTS8801B-0001
        Speed: 12Mb/s (full)
        USB Version:  1.10
        Device Class: 00(>ifc )
        Device Subclass: 00
        Device Protocol: 00
        Maximum Default Endpoint Size: 8
        Number of Configurations: 1[plustek]
        Vendor Id: 04a7
        Product Id: 0224
        Revision Number:  1.00
Scanning all devices in /usr/local/etc/sane.d/*.conf list results in
just a few configurations actually being able to talk to the scanner:

        [canon630u] sane_open: devicename=libusb:002:003
        [canon630u] attach_scanner: libusb:002:003
        [canon630u] attach_scanner: opening libusb:002:003
        [canon630u] CANON_open_device: `libusb:002:003'
        [canon630u] CANON_open_device: incorrect vendor/product
	[mustek_usb] attach: trying to open device `libusb:002:003'
	[mustek_usb] attach: device `libusb:002:003' successfully opened
	[mustek_usb] attach: trying to identify device `libusb:002:003'
	[mustek_usb] usb_low_identify_scanner: start
	[mustek_usb] usb_low_identify_scanner: unknown vendor id: 0x1191
	[mustek_usb] attach: device `libusb:002:003' doesn't look like a 		    
supported scanner

	[plustek] Vendor ID=0x04A7, Product ID=0x0224
        [plustek] Device >0x04A7-0x0224<, is not supported!
Each one of these appeared to be able to talk to the scanner and two of
them actually returned the correct Vendor and Product codes.  Does this
mean that the canon630u or plustek could be "tweaked" to work or am I
just grasping at straws?

I've got about 4 days left before I can't return the scanner to CompUSA
for a refund.  Does anyone believe that this can be made to work? 


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Ira Childress