[sane-devel] Drivers

Jaeger, Gerhard gerhard@gjaeger.de
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 16:31:05 +0100


On Sunday, 15. December 2002 15:09, Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:
> Maybe we should add an unsupported.desc file that lists all the
> scanners that are unsupported and point to websites containing
> information about them. So we could add the entries from PROJECTS that
> don't provide backends yet.
> At least that would make sure we have all the information in one place.
> However, it will need quite some attention to update the file when the
> scanners get actually supported.

Good idea! We should do this and add all info about these devices
we have. The only problem we might have is, that the production of new
devices which are unsupported is probably much higher than the
ones we are able to support...
So in general it's up to each user to inform him/herself before
buying a scanner

> > Sparrow Main Board V1.2 12-00080-01C with two Chips:
> >
> > 26-00122-03A                           <------- ASIC ???
> > 0213E2FC1
> No imprint of the manufacturer?

No, I got this info from a guy from Austria, he also made some
tests with the Plustek code but no success so far...

We might should check the usbsnoopy output - maybe Bertrik Sikken
can be of some help here...