[sane-devel] Drivers

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan@buzzard.org.uk
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 11:40:59 +0000

gerhard@gjaeger.de said:


> Good idea! We should do this and add all info about these devices we
> have. The only problem we might have is, that the production of new
> devices which are unsupported is probably much higher than the ones we
> are able to support... So in general it's up to each user to inform
> him/herself before buying a scanner 

For a very good overview there is always the top Google return for
a whole host of searches on "linux usb" with scanner, sane, support
etc. I do try to list unsupported models, the problem is that manufactures
bring out models faster than I have time to update the page. However
there are supported models on the page that you can still purchase so
no excuses exist.

Anyone is welcome to send me information on new models that are not
supported, and in particular patches to the page are very welcome.

The basic advice for the last three years still holds true, pick an
Epson scanner and you cannot go far wrong. The only model I am not
sure about is the Perfection 660, and I warn about that in bold at
the top of the page. It may be a bit more expensive but at least it
will work.


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