[sane-devel] [Q] per user net.conf support

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Wed, 25 Dec 2002 11:32:46 +0100


On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 09:54:54AM +0900, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> While checking out network based scanning, I noticed that the docs
> only mention $(sysconfdir)/sane.d/net.conf as the location to add
> scan-servers.

Read again (man sane-net), especially ENVIRONMENT: SANE_CONFIG_DIR.

> If that is really the only place, then all additions
> need to go through the *client*'s sysadmin.  That is, a normal user
> can not add any scan-server they may have access to on the server
> side.

First, you can contact servers that are not listed in net.conf
(scanimage -d net:someserver:backend:device), if you know the device
name. Second you can set the variable SANE_NET_HOSTS to the hosts you
want to connect.

> Is there any support for a per user configuration file where you could
> add the scan-servers you have access to?

Just put a net.conf in the current directory. Or set SANE_CONFIG_DIR
to a directory of your choice.