[sane-devel] Vuego 310S scanner help

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 12:01:41 +0100


On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 09:04:52AM +0100, c1sc0@mac.com wrote:
> May be related to the troubles I'm having with my Vuego 610s on 
> Mandrake 9.0. Uses same snapscan back-end. I've got it working using 
> console command scanimage but xsane doesn't recognize the device. This 
> is what I've done:

First check that "snapscan" is in dll.conf. And I mean "snapscan" and
not "SnapScan".

> 1) explicitly added aic7xxx support in my /etc/modules.conf file
> 2) uncommented all usb-related stuff in /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf

Shouldn't be necessary.

> 3) only device listed in /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf now is /dev/sg0

If this is the device found by sane-find-scanner, it's ok.

> 4) The device name for my Scanner is Flatbedscanner_4 so I've added 
> "Flat *" to snapscan.conf. I'm not sure if this helps though. Anyone 
> care to educate me about this?

You can use the vendor/product names, but you must use the "scsi"
lines for that und you can't use wildcards like you did. See man
sane-scsi for details.

> Now I have two devices listed in /proc/scsi/scsi (CD-R + 
> Flatbedscanner), sane-find-scanner lists my scanner but scanimge -L 
> doesn't list it. Weird.

That just means that the scanner was not detected by a SANE backend
for some reason. In your case the reason is simple: the snapscan
backend isn't loaded because it was spelled "SnapScan" in dll.conf by
Mandrake for some reason.

> I'm calling scanimage and redirecting stdout to file like this:
> scanimage --format=tiff -d snapscan:/dev/sg0 > 
> /home/fieke/Desktop/somefile.tiff

Here you explicitely tell SANE to load the snapscan backend. So it

> xSane still doesn't work though.

If you do the same as for scanimage, it will work: 
xsane snapscan:/dev/sg0

But with the dll.conf corrected, that isn't necessary.

> I'm going to try the earlier dll.conf comment tonight. I noticed that 
> after running Harddrake there was an empty file called SnapScan.conf in 
> addition to snapscan.conf. At the time I didn't know what it was so I 
> modded it to have /dev/sg0 as device just like snapscan.conf. Seems 
> like built-in Mandrake scanner support uses wrong spelling.

snapscan.ocnf is the correct one.