[sane-devel] Plustek UT24 w/transparency advice

Andrei B. andrixnet@yahoo.com
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 01:30:50 -0700 (PDT)

 I am looking forward for an upgrade and the old Tamarack I have is
clearly not enough anymore. Prospecting the market in Bucharest gave me
2 choices. Sane support reduces this to one. 

 I was looking for a 1200x2400 dpi optical, USB (maybe SCSI), with
transparency adapter.
The answer came either as UMAX Astra 4500 (transparency adapter is an
extra), but this is apparently not supported by sane and the vendor is

The other answer was Plustek OpticPro UT24. My research through sane
supported scanners showed that it is supported reasonably well. 
However, there is a potetial issue, regarding scanning of negatives.

If those using this scanner (Plustek UT24) can give me any advice on
aquiring it or not, pluses and minuses for it in it's future use, I
would be most grateful.

Thank you.

ing. Andrei Boros
Centrul pt. Tehnologia Informatiei
Societatea Romana de Radiodifuziune

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