[sane-devel] StrobePro Twain-Driver problem

A.Busch. A.Busch." <A.Busch.@gmx.net
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 21:59:18 +0200

Hello NG,

Using Visioneers StrobePro Scanner is really a pleasure, its handy and fast.
However, they supply a pretty limited twain driver.

I have a couple of questions and hope you might be able to help

1. does anyone know a more sophisticated driver (for example for multipage

2. on win2k via usb the scanner looses the connection .
The only way i found to "re-connect" the scanner is to start the Paperport
application which has the "find scanner" feature inbuild. Is there a smarter
way to launch this feature ?

3. The twain driver is loaded on boot. An Icon apperas in the task bar next
to the clock.
Sometimes its necessary to unlaod the driver
How can i reload the driver without rebooting the machine ?

Thanks your suggestions