[sane-devel] few newbie questions/problems

Grzegorz Jaskiewicz gj_22@wp.pl
09 Jun 2002 19:43:29 +0000


Since few days i have old mustek 12000p scanner. I know that it is not
fully supported under sane. But it was for me very bad experience to
search any information on how should i start configuration with this and
others pp scanners. in fact i found nothing, all programs that are about
to search anything automatically are not working with pp. I know that
now days nobody has new pp scanners but one, two .. years ago ?
Because i didn't found anything about it can somebody tell me:
1) how should i configure sane 1.0.7, in Rh 7.3 i am using to work with
my scanner. Even if it can only switch off the light.
2) Does somebody still work on that scanner back end ? I not, and
somebody has resources (disasm of drivers, some documentation) i  will
gladly finish it. No problem for me, i don't have much time. But that
will be for me use full so i can do that.
3) Somebody should add newbie guide on sane site ! There is nothing for
unexperienced users. 

Nobody will use Linux except hackers if there will be no simple
configuration interface for each device type ! believe me :)